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Martha Jones has been writing since age 11. She has been writing well since age 23.

Jones is an author / illustrator from the Midwestern United States who has traveled so much on behalf of her books and her insatiable wanderlust that she has a thick layer of perma-fake all over her native accent. Her “day job” is as a nurse, and her current obsession is fashioning children’s stories better than the way it’s being done (no mean feat. There are a lot of terrific writers out there, curse and confound them!).

Martha Currently has no blogging schedule, rather a handful of ideas and writing philosophy that she expects to get typed up bit by bit. If it helps someone write better stories or better tell their own stories, far out (as the ancients would say)!

If you’re a visitor, welcome! Feel free to post links to my stuff, if you think it’ll help that awkward guy at work or that fella on the forum to become somewhat less awkward.

And to any fellow writers visiting this site, best of luck. May the Lord smite you with money!