Martha Jones has been writing since age 11. She has been writing well (-ish) since age 23.

Jones is an author / illustrator who has traveled so much on behalf of her books and her wanderlust that she has a thick layer of perma-fake all over her native Illinois accent. Her “day job” is as a nurse, and the three cities for which she most commonly grows homesick are New York, NY, Eminence, KY, and Juneau, AK.

As for the rest of life’s goings-on, Martha has a handful of books in the works and aims to behave so badly, her obituary reads like a scandal sheet.

Martha Currently has no blogging schedule, rather a handful of ideas and writing philosophy that she expects to get typed up bit by bit.


Thanks for visiting the site. If you have any overwhelming praise or creative insults you’d like to share with Martha, feel free to reach out via her contact page.

And to any fellow writers who might be reading this, best of luck. May the Lord smite you with money!